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From our reports and audits, we are able to make any recommendations that may be required for the system to comply with current legislation and guidelines. Generally non-compliance is due to specific access issues – the requirement of additional access doors, required replacement door seals, the installation of incorrect filters, faulty electric or mechanical equipment and/or poor air flow.

At Duct Hygiene we offer a range of products to overcome these issues. We can provide equipment that will prolong the lifetime of your ventilation system and ensure it continues to operate effectively.

Access Panels

It is essential that ventilation and extraction systems are provided with access panels of sufficient number, quality and size enabling unrestricted access for regular inspection and cleaning of the internal surfaces and in-line components. Should there be a requirement for access panels in your system, we are able to recommend, supply and install suitable access panels to overcome such issues.

Replacement Filters

At Duct Hygiene, we place great importance on the regular maintenance and cleaning of canopy filters. Filters should be removed from the extract canopy at the end of each service and thoroughly cleaned, dried and placed back in the canopy prior to the next service. Regular cleaning of filters will prolong the duration of duct and the life cycle of mechanical equipment.

According to the BESA, baffle filters are the most effective, durable and safe filters to use within extract canopies. Baffle filters comprise a number of interlocking vanes, which when assembled form a two-pass grease removal device. These filters are fabricated entirely from stainless steel.

They are far more effective than mesh filters, which have a limited life and therefore need replacing more frequently. Mesh filters should only be used as a secondary method of grease extraction. At Duct Hygiene, we specialise in the supply and installation of stainless steel baffle filters in accordance with BESA guidelines.

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